Death, Louis Crooks-V-Patton! Is this the end of Roman numerals?

Death, Louis Crooks-V-Patton!  Is this the end of Roman numerals?

For a change, let’s talk about numbers but also letters about numbers: Roman numerals. This thunderous diplomatic scandal between Rome and Paris may have escaped you, but it was recently in the Roman daily “One” Ambassador And this Courier della sera Has dedicated an editorial to him. Imagine that the Carnavalet Museum followed in the footsteps of the Louvre Museum in a surprising reform: He decided to replace Roman numerals with Arabic numerals.

As stated in Italy, the museum denies wanting to replace Louis XIV with Louis 14 and Henry IV with Henry 4. In Arabic numerals, on its descriptive labels, numbers denoting centuries, In order to access them to a wider audience. This is true, the Roman numeral system is complex. For example, MMXXI. How do you read these subsequent letters? 2021 !

Note that Roman numerals are written with seven letters of the alphabet: M for 1000, T for 500, C for 100, L for 50, X for 10, V for 5 and I for 1.. Then, as you know, we will add or subtract labels depending on whether we place them on the right or left. So what I have commanded you is that two Ms make 2 times 1000 (2000), followed by two Xs twice 10 (20), and at one end I make 1 more: 2021. Again, this year, this Easy. You’re lucky, I’m not trying to guess how to write 1789, for example, gives MDCCLXXXIX ! Or 10 letters instead of four in Arabic numerals.

Arabic numerals are very convenient

It is not surprising that the former was changed during the Renaissance. Not considered, Make a section on Roman numerals, we dare not imagine. Besides, how to write zero in Roman numerals? Well We didn’t write it. This is one of the major contributions of the so-called “Arab” digital system, and it is of Indian descent. The word number came into our language from the Latin cifra in the thirteenth century Credit from Arabic sifr, originally meant “blank” and “zero”. The number was zero when the word came up in French.

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In short, clearly, Arabic numerals are a thousand times more convenient. On the other hand, You learn quickly to read simple Roman numerals. Why lose the brain of the pleasure of this mini-decryption? As is customary, we use them for centuries today, the names of sovereigns, the names of republics, we also write the XV of France, and finally use it for aesthetic pleasure: on clocks, on the names of boats …

If you would like to review them, go to You can see the conversion of Arabic numerals to Roman numerals: enough to organize quizzes in the evenings of curfew, so that your children do not have to look like this powerful sketch of strangers, which is questionable … “Louis Crooks-v-Baden“!

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