Xiaomi Surprises: Mi Mix is ​​a photoelectric with a liquid lens

Siomi continues to produceThe next March 29 event will be the next Mi Mix among the protagonists. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post The first pamphlet by a Chinese manufacturer, But there is already a confirmation: a ‘on the smartphoneInnovative camera Classified a Lens based on liquid lens.

This type of lens is possible Focal length varies, So this allows you to, for example, aCombined with macro lens and a telephoto single sensor in the same optical group – With the insignificant advantage of not being forced to amplify camera modules. The idea behind the solution is to reflect the function of the human eye, which can quickly focus on objects at different distances.

How it works

The solution is in the liquid lens, i.e. a Transparent liquid attached to an ultra-thin film That, A controlled Special electronic algorithm, Can change curves, allows you to perform quick, accurate and fast focusing actions, and minimizes distortion. Xiaomi also points out that the lens has a high light transmission index, very low scattering and high resistance to environmental factors – so, in theory, it maintains its kinetic capabilities unchanged even in the presence of very low or very high temperatures.

Easily embed video reloaded on YouTube

Xiaomi – as can be understood – uses very high-pitched tones to present new technology, which defines the future of photography on smartphones. While waiting to briefly evaluate the quality of the optical shots with a liquid lens, you can now only watch the official video teaser that shows it in action.

Alternative to reversible options

Xiaomi has long been looking for ways to rationalize the camera modules of smartphones, reducing the number of lenses: In November last year it offered a solution based on a retractable lens, Which is capable of taking on different focal lengths. The advantage of a liquid lens is that the variation of the focal length does not cover the lens that exits the smartphone body (as is the case with compact cameras), and the more or less marked curvature of the lens is sufficient.

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