The long-awaited Ethereum (ETH) solution to reduce transaction costs is late for the summer Crypto Insiders

Langverwachte Ethereum (ETH) oplossing om transactiekosten te reduceren is uitgesteld naar de zomer

Release Mainnet The pessimism was delayed to “approximately July”. The Optimism team reports this on March 26 in an update of the roadmap:

“Today we announce that we are delaying the official public main event in support of a more integrated community initiative. Our goal is to ensure that there is time to integrate, audit and test basic projects, infrastructure providers, block analysts, wallets and token bridges.”

Confidence is a ‘Layer-2 scaling solution’ Ethereum (ETH), Similar to the lightning network for Bitcoin (PTC). The goal of Optimium is to reduce the number of transactions on Ethereum and thereby reduce transaction costs, which are gradually becoming an increasing issue.

Hope does this by calling Optimal rolls. Many transactions are grouped into one transaction. These transactions are then simultaneously shipped to the Ethereum blockchain via a Layer-2 solution.

The release was originally scheduled for this week, but has now been delayed to “approximately July”. The team reports that this is an appraisal because the publication is a joint venture with the community.

The growth of confidence began in the summer of 2019. The project, already known as ‘Soft Release’ in January, Synthetics, among others, has already saved its users more than $ 10 million in costs:

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