40 years of raging grass: a sequel to Scorsese’s masterpiece you may not know

40 years of raging grass: a sequel to Scorsese's masterpiece you may not know

40 years ago, on March 25, 1981, the complete masterpiece of Martin Scorsese, Raging Bull, was released, worn by a magnificent Robert de Niro. Did you know there was a sequel to the movie titled “Raging Bull 2”?

Sunset Pictures

Martin has already said almost everything about Scorsese’s raging grass, which celebrates the 40th anniversary of its release date in France today. A complete masterpiece by the filmmaker, rightly crowned with two Oscars: Best Editing, Salutations to the masterpiece Thelma Schunmaker for his masterpiece. Robert De Niro’s best actor, who weighs in at 30kg, is best known for his self – destructive behavior, which makes the famous boxer’s body fall. It’s nothing The raging bull It still tops the list of 100 best films in American cinema history, usually drawn by AFIAmerican Film Company).

For fun, the movie trailer is below. Thelma Schunmaker’s editing genius is already turning against the sublime musical background in this wonderful BA Cavalleria rusticana

You may not know it (and you are only too far away from them!), But there is a sequel to Raging Bull, also known as Raging Bull 2 ​​for a while! Released live on DVD in 2016 in decent indifference and signed by Martin Quiqui, the film both wanted to be Introduction And one Continuation For Scorsese’s masterpiece. The latter logically do not want to be re-stacked like the original cast. Martin Kikui’s picture is no less. In the guise of Jack Lamotta, William Force replaces Robert De Niro. He is supported in his work by Tom Cismore, Ray Wise, Penelope Ann Miller, Natasha Heinstridge or Paul Sorvino (famous Paulie des Afrancis!) And Joe Montagna.

Here is the trailer …

Riffy in the ring

For the record, the film was forced to change legally from Raging Bull 2 ​​to The Bronx Bull; The nickname given to Lamotta. The case goes a long way. In 2006, Sunset Pictures, The company that produced and distributed the film, announced that it was developing a sequel to Raging Bull Raging Bull 2: The story of Jake Lamotta continues, Based on a book titled Jack Lamotta with Chris Anderson and Sharon McKee. It was then that the idea of ​​inspiring the early years of the boxer was born.

In July 2012, M.G.M. United Artists, Decided the producer of Scorsese’s film at the time To attack in justice Producers Jake Lamotta and Raging Bull 2 ​​prevent the series from hitting theaters. La Major argued that he owned any rights to the sequel to the original book, recalling that this rule was the result of an agreement between Jack Lamotta, Peter Savage and producers Irwin Winkler / Robert Sartoff. Moreover, he blamed the MGM production team for this Rage2 It can be said publicly that their film is a sequel to the original film “Defamation of previous work”. In August 2012, Sunset Pictures Decided to rename his film The Bronx Bull, At least removing any intent to follow in the title The raging bull Scorsese. Avoid more painful cases.

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