The real war on the vaccine against Govt-19 begins: EU blocking exports to Great Britain or US - Sources News

The real war on the vaccine against Govt-19 begins: EU blocking exports to Great Britain or US – Sources News

The European Commission will extend EU rights on Wednesday to prevent the export of vaccines against Covit-19 to the UK and other regions at high vaccination rates and to cover up the status of companies that do not comply with contractual supply and delivery obligations. European official, Reuters reported.

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The move is aimed at avoiding even the smallest supply shortfall in Europe, where the immunization program is plagued by delays and distribution problems, reported.

The amendment, which includes companies downgrading quarterly supplies contracted by the EU camp, will affect Johnson & Johnson, which announced a delay in delivery to the EU in the second quarter, the official said.

The official said all vaccine manufacturers could be affected if they do not meet the distribution schedule.

This month, the European Union used the export control mechanism set up at the end of January to block the supply of the Astrogenega vaccine to Australia. This algorithm can currently only be implemented if companies do not meet the contract quarterly delivery targets.

AstraZeneca exports were halted after the company announced sharp cuts in supply to the EU in the first quarter.

With amendments to be adopted on Wednesday, the EU will be able to comply with their quarterly agreements, but will prevent exports to companies that delay deliveries until the end of the period, the official said, asking for anonymity.

Johnson & Johnson has promised to deliver 55 million doses to the EU between April and June, with its deliveries set to begin in the second half of April. The company told EU officials that it was facing production problems that would make it difficult to achieve its second-quarter target, but that it was working to meet it.

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Moderna and Pfizer / Bioendech have been delaying vaccination to the EU, although they are on track to achieve their overall goals in the first quarter.

“We do not want similar delays in the second quarter,” said an official who knew the commission’s decision directly.

However, any decision to block an export must be made in agreement with the EU government, taking into account the general position of a company leaving the EU camp and the importing state.

“We will balance things,” the official said. The new rules would allow countries with higher vaccination rates than the EU to block exports, such as the United Kingdom or the United Arab Emirates, an official confirming what the commission’s chairman said at the time, Ursula van der Leyen, told a news conference last week.

Van der Leyen’s earlier announcement said that ships could also be detained if vaccine-producing countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom were not allowed to export vaccines to the European Union.

The U.S. administration told EU officials in March that AstraZeneca vaccines prepared by the EU would not be allowed to be sent to the EU any time soon, EU officials told Reuters.

The official said the new rules, which will come into effect immediately after being published in the EU’s official gazette, will also strengthen restrictions on ensuring that export sanctions are avoided using third countries.

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