Serious issues with MIUI 12 were revealed this year

Serious issues with MIUI 12 were revealed this year

Users of Xiaomi devices continue to report issues with MIUI 12. Experts at the themed portal PunicaWep have updated the list of firmware vulnerabilities. In this review, we will talk about the failures identified this year. Below are the customer complaints in a very simple translation from English.

Problems with MIUI 12 have been identified between 01/01/2021 and 03/23/2021

In an update released on January 13, the Gaussian blur effect on the Redmi 8A Duel disappeared.

January 15 – Quick battery drain on Redmi Note 8 after firmware update.

January 18 – Invalid media playback on Redmi Note 8 after update.

January 19 – Updated dark mode notifications for MIUI 12 smartphones “Redmi Note 6 Pro”.

January 28 – Update for Redmi Note 5 Pro canceled due to download issues.

January 29 – A “stable” resumption of the Whitewine L1 / L3 defect in the Redmi Note 9S a year ago.

February 20 – WhatsApp does not work properly on a dozen Xiaomi and Poco models after updating devices to MIUI 12.1.

March 12 – Breakdown of the brightness slider on many Xiaomi, Poco and Redmi devices.

March 16 – Xiaomi, Poko and Redmi models are turned off and video playback on YouTube fails.

You can learn about MIUI 12 issues identified in December last year Here.

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