Prince Harry found work in Silicon Valley

Prince Harry found work in Silicon Valley

A year after moving to California with his wife, Megan Markle, Prince Harry accepted an administrative position at the start of a training, Based in San Francisco. BetterUp is an American company that supports employees in improving their skills and performance.

As “Chief Assault Officer”, The Duke of Sussex will continue the work he has been doing over the years to “educate and promote our community”. Promote the importance of maintaining preventive mental healthAlexei Robichocks, the company’s founder and boss, said in a statement on Tuesday, March 23.

“I firmly believe that our mental health should be focused and prioritized It gives us access to possibilities and opportunities that we never knew existed within us“, Promised Prince Harry for his part.” As the Royal Marines commandos say, ‘This is a mood’, we all have it in us, “he said.

It’s about becoming our best version

BetterUp employs more than 270 people and integrates a network of about 2,000 trainers for clients such as NASA, Chevron, Snap and Warner Media. Founded in 2013, the startup presents itself World leader in training, advice and guidance in mobile applications. Its site integrates behavioral science, artificial intelligence and training methods for personal and professional development.

“Self-optimization is not about fixing something broken. It’s about becoming our best version, that life holds everything for us, someone who is ready for the next one. With courage, confidence and self-awareness one can overcome setbacksPrince Harry said in a statement.

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