Common is back with his new EP A beautiful revolution

Common aftermath with a beautiful revolution

After Led Love in 2019, he returns with the rapper A beautiful revolutionary bundy1.This first part is ahead of the release of the second part planned for the spring of 2021.

Cover photo of EP A beautiful revolutionary bundy1 Common since February 5, 2021.

Common is undoubtedly one of the most award-winning artists of his generation: Oscar winner, Grammy and Emmy winner தவிர In addition to his rapper cap, Common is also an enthusiast. He announced his new E.P. A beautiful revolutionary bundy1.

This E.P. Considered a song for a black cause in the United States. Strongly rooted in opposition and civil rights movements, A beautiful revolution It has its roots in various streams of revolutionary black music: jazz, soul, aphrodisiac and hip-hop among others. Through the nine tracks of his project, Common presents us with a mix of music that is very meaningful in the current context, but as if to stop the test of time. EP’s cover photo was also taken from a photo by Ghanaian photographer and artist Derrick Bodeng.

Famous guests

For this project, Common has provided distinguished guests, starting with American singer PJ and sharing at least four titles: What do you say, Bold, A place in this world And Don’t forget who you are. Other guests, including Lenny Gravits, who inevitably interfered with the title, were also present at this EP. A riot in my mind, Rapper black thinking Say peace. Not to mention musicians including Robert Glasper on the keyboard, Carrie Rickins on drums, Bernice Travis on bass and Isaiah Sharkey on guitar.

The second part of A beautiful revolution 2021 is expected in the spring. Must continue in the next issue!

Views: Derrick Bodeng for the EP card, © Armin Ramsey for the first page image.

In general, A beautiful revolutionary pundit. 1, (9 titles) = 1. (A beautiful revolution) Introduction, 2. Fallin, 3. Say peace Black Thought, 4. What are you saying (Move It Baby) P.J., 5. Bold Featuring PJ, 6. A place in this world Featuring PJ, 7. A riot in my mind Achievement Lenny Gravits, 8. Don’t forget who you are PJ, 9. (A Beautiful Revolution) Outro.

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