The Latin American League has full confidence in the revolt against the League of Legends

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Over time it has allowed for the creation of a framework for the Sport, which is largely made from professional gameplay, but always seeks uniqueness in relation to video games and relationships related to the consumption patterns of this type of content. . There are also the biggest events in this competitive universe, and the fact that these League of Legends officials are at the highest level does not indicate the next start of the new season of the Latin American League (LLA), but is heading towards the same goal.

In an interview with LEVEL UP, riot games public relations manager Juan Jose Moreno spoke about the progress of the rival League of Legends scenario in terms of planning, production and goals achieved. According to the manager, the company and the people involved in the project have seen growth over the years and the primary objective is to maintain the level, but to move forward in the second tier, especially in Latin America where there is competition to do.

In this sense, Juan Jose Moreno points out that rival sports have no greater competition than themselves, and that they only think about what they can do to improve themselves compared to other disciplines:

Leading directors of sports such as football have already claimed that people are competing with video games for attention, and who is the LLA’s competition in this regard?

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Juan Jose Moreno: “We are strong competition. We look forward to improving, innovating and continuing to grow year after year. We have been doing this around the world for 10 years and in Latin America since 2014. Currently the entertainment offer is huge and more than just talking about the competition, our priority is a better for our fans both online and offline We’re committed to finding additional channels and ways to bring everyone to other audiences and to involve and entertain our game in Latin America. For a long time, we wanted the League of Legends competition to be an event that no one should miss. “

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