Capitol’s invasion is set to change soon in the series

Capitol's invasion is set to change soon in the series

After the “rule of humor”, Showtime is producing a new series on the strings of the American administration. Screenwriters Billy Ray and Shane Salerno are tackling a massive event this time around: the Capitol invasion on January 6th.

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In three episodes, these shorts produced by Showtime continue to confuse viewers. Capital’s Invasion, January 6, 2021. Step ” Variety “Billy Ray and Shane Salerno have already collaborated on this series.” Humorous rule 2, you are working on this project, which is still in development. This will return to the political instability induced by the election Joe Biden Characterized by this astonishing attack. The last days of the Trump administration, the invasion of Capitol Hill and the investigations conducted by the FBI and Congress in the aftermath of these events will be discussed in this short format.

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The building, the center of power in the US capital, was invaded on January 6, 2021 by hundreds of pro-Trump activists. These protesters are shouting against the results of the presidential election Election fraud. Initially in front of the Capitol, the event quickly spread to the terraces of the building, and then inside. Plus, the police can’t stop the attack, most of them violent. Five people were killed and several others were injured in the attack. After all, it represents a powerful symbol: an attack on American democracy.

Both screenwriters were already interested in the workings of the US administration in “The Come Rule”, which was released last September. The drama series will feature former FBI Director James D, who investigated the emails of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton ahead of the 2016 election. Donald DrumIn 2017, he played a significant role in the investigation Former President’s relations with Russia.

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