When will spring come?  In Poland, thermometers can even show 25 degrees Celsius

When will spring come? In Poland, thermometers can even show 25 degrees Celsius

On March 20, the astronomical spring began, although practical weather across Europe did not confirm this. However, low temperatures are slowly forgotten. Service fanipogody.pl From Wednesday, March 24, the temperature in any part of Poland will not drop below zero degrees Celsius.

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Weather. Even 28 degrees in Europe at the end of March

Responsible for gradual improvement Weather The country will have a western west and it will start moving south. This will lead to the arrival of hot air masses – resulting in higher temperatures.

From Thursday, March 25, it will be very hot all over Europe. I am in Spain France Thermometers can display up to 20 degrees Celsius. Over the next few days, the temperature will be even higher. Weather forecasters predict that Europe’s weather in March and April will be more summer than spring. In Portugal, Spain or France, thermometers are displayed up to 28 degrees Celsius. How is it supposed to be in Poland?

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Weather. Soon in Poland, thermometers will show up to 25 degrees

At the end of March, it will come with love to Poland as well. At the beginning of the week, unusually cold nights and mornings are still expected in many places, but the temperature rises every day. Synoptics did not rule out that it would be too hot in the western part of the country in early April – on Thursday, April 1, thermometers will show up at 23-25 ​​degrees Celsius in Vodoship Lower Silesia Whether Lubusky Voidoship.

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Keep in mind that long-term forecasts are less accurate than those given for the next 2-3 days.

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