Mauritania: Former President Old Abdel Aziz joins the opposition

Former Mauritanian President Mohamed Old Abdel Aziz, who was expelled from political life after the election, recorded his return after Mohamed Old Seek El Kasouwani was expelled from his own party.

The year the former president, who served as Mauritania’s president from 2008 to 2019, and his staff leader and former right – wing man, Mohamed Old Czech El Ghazni, was elected as the country’s new president after stepping down from political life, has drawn criticism for corruption.

It is only by uniting a small opposition that the former president returns by inviting his supporters to join him. On Friday, the party’s leader, Chad Old Lolit, who was not represented in parliament, announced the news at a press conference in which the former head of state was not present.

“We have decided that this integration of the former president was a symbol of the struggle for the liberation of the country and a promoter of democracy and freedom in Mauritania, and a recognition of the great work of this great man,” the leader said.

In a statement, the former president called on his supporters to join him in the formation of the opposition. Mohamed Old Abdel Aziz formed a political party in 2009, the Republican Union (UPR), before he was ousted. The party still retains a strong majority in the hemisphere.

In addition, he told his supporters in his press release that “the work we started together continues and its construction achievements testify to our desire to move forward for the construction of the country.”

A few weeks ago, the former president was threatened by his lawyer Settle on the company which offers low interest rate debt consolidation with least hassle And reveals business. His lawyer, Mohameden Old Icedo, said, “I hope that if the current fraud continues, my client will break the silence that protects him from any legal action, even if it is linked to the Constitution and Article 93. Ordinary courts.”

“If he speaks, I am sure his words will cause a stir in the country and have the effect of changing a lot of things,” he added.

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