Nintendo and Niantic are collaborating to develop the Pigmin mobile game

Nintendo and Niantic are collaborating to develop the Pigmin mobile game

Presented by Cecil D. March 23, 2021 at 5:09 p.m. Updated March 23, 2021 at 5:09 p.m.

Nintendo has announced a new partnership with Niantic: after Pokemon GO, both partners want to create a new mobile game using another adorable and popular little creature invented by a Japanese company. Ready to welcome Pigmin app.

You should definitely know and appreciate just like us Pygmies : These adorable little creatures discovered by the great Shigeru Miyamoto. So this news will make you happy: Nintendo And Niantic Expand their federation and produce new mobile game in virtual reality. Then Pokemon GO, Give space on your phone to accommodate Pigmin use!

He is the founder of an American company John Honkey Who revealed this new collaboration. In one Communication, Niantic explains it “ As we continue to expand our game offerings, joining Nintendo is a natural step. No.We look forward to shaping together the future of developed reality by bringing Nintendo’s favorite characters to life for mobile game players around the world. »

The wait is short: a global release of the Pigmin app (whose name is not yet known) is scheduled 2021.

Some details have been released, but Pigmin is expected to run on the same model Pokemon GO : Designed to promote sports activities Walking And make it sweeter “, We read in the press release.

Shikeru Miyamoto He was very excited about the project: ” Niantic’s magnified reality technology allows us to experience a world in which Pygmy lives secretly around us. (…) Our mission is to provide people with a new experience that is different from traditional games. We hope Pigmin and this app will become a partner in your life. »

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Looking at these initial elements, it can be assumed that the application will not be released until there is a drastic improvement in it, as freedom of walking and going out seems to be very important for this game. Health condition Overall. It’s a little hard to play around when you’re there Restricted, Both companies like to wait for better living conditions before starting their application.

Pigmin is not the only topic for the Nintendo and Niantic program to work together. Others Games And Applications Will be released soon, but we don’t know much at the moment. We hope to quickly discover all the surprises these two companies have in store for us.

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