Evan Fournier wanted an eastern heavyweight!

Evan Fournier wanted an eastern heavyweight!

An important part of Magic since 2014, Evan Fornier sees his name return Without fail Stir in transfer rumors. Along with the other executives on the list, the Frenchman did not leave some owners indifferent… especially being able to retrieve the back of a truck from the east, as we learned this Monday.

Many analysts in the league announce that Magic is making a decisive turn, which could lead to them rebuilding. Currently in the finals of the Eastern Conference, Steve Clifford’s men did not win, despite a Nikola Vusevic electing All-Star for the second time in his life.

As a result, Pivot has seen his name, and Aaron Gordon’s name, invariably return in behind-the-scenes discussions. Now in Orlando, only talented young players are considered “unchangeable”. In this context, Evan Fornier also attracts attention, and Shams Sarania Athletes The French announced their interest in a competitor:

Magic Back Shooter Evan Fournier: The Boston Celtics have revealed a potential target. Fournier is currently in the final year of his $ 17 million contract.

Is there a chance that Magic’s n ° 10 will finally go elsewhere and join a bigger team?

This season, in an absolute sluggish state for an Orlando team, the back is running at 19.1 points per game, which is his highest total in his career! In addition, it is approaching 40% at three points with 38.3%. So he can contribute to the attack from the Celtics bench with aggression and creative ball in hand. On the record as another EDF player this season?

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While waiting for Danny Ainge’s offer, Boston never hid its desire to bring in a third thief Sunday night (34 points, 10/18 away) against Magic to round up the fiery Jason Todd and Jaylan Brown! To take responsibility from Kemba Walker in a creative / scoring role, Fournier could be a better target.

Although Ainge said he would only use it this summer, the franchise is benefiting from its $ 28.5 million exception trade. However, C’s current difficulties will prompt him to change his mind. Either way, Boston has assets to start a business. So reply within 72 hours!

In steady progress First He joined Orlando 7 years ago and Evan Fornier will be interested in the Celtics trying to strengthen themselves for the season and playoffs. Opportunity for the Frenchman to take a new step in his life?

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