Jayce is considering starting the season in Florida

Blue Jays

In 2020, the Toronto Blue Zeus played buffalo. Why? This is because the Canadian government has not agreed to allow them to travel to the United States to play in various cities, including Florida, and watch them play in Toronto.

The scene can be repeated. According to Mark Topkin, Jaycee executives have a chance to play in the US again. If that happens, it will be their first choice in Dunedin, Florida.

Project # 1 could obviously play out in Toronto, but Jayce is preparing to not be caught at the last minute like 2020 did. The season has begun and it will be remembered that Zeus has no home.

At this point, it is clear that this is not Dunedin and Buffalo in Juss’ view – Jayce owns a miners club in Dunedin and not just because he plays bison.

Why is that? Because guys who love Florida more than buffalo. This is because Zeus has an updated spring arena that is more suited to majors. Because the weather is good all year round. Because the guys have houses there. Should I continue?

In 2020, fear of a virus that struck more severely than anywhere else in Florida drove Jayas to the buffalo. In 2021 the situation will be different.

Apparently, Jayce could start the season there (like the raptors playing Tampa in the first half of the season) and move on to the Toronto midfield.

Note also that these talks did not prevent George Springer from signing with Jayas. So he can play his first games with Jays in Florida.

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I think the fans in Toronto have never seen the Hyun-Jin Ryu pitch in the city in a regular game.

According to journalist Topkin, since the race season can be watched with 7,000 spectators, Jayce will be able to keep some of the stadiums in their arena. We’re talking about having a pro ratio of about 1,500 to 2,000 fans. But nothing has been confirmed yet.

So the file to follow.

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