The time to bully a close brother is over

The time to bully a close brother is over

The Directorate General of Public Security issued the following statement:

One of the former directors of public security wrote a speech on his website this evening, saying we are not proud to send a letter. The Directorate had promised not to engage in debate with anyone, or to respond to anyone, because it did not believe in sterile media discussions. In this context, it is recalled that the Directorate General of Public Security manages its work with a corporate mindset and expertise well known to all, and its messages are forwarded to the interior by the foreign media. We do not think that the Directorate has a practice in the international media, nor do we respect and respect those who follow in the local media, it has never handled this basis, or put pressure on the media by praising or criticizing an official. Another. The Directorate will not return to remind Lebanese that every journalist who said something contrary to “directions” was “persecuted” or “monitored” or “persecuted”.

Accordingly, the Directorate General of Public Security confirms that this time has passed, and that it did not wear a “revolution”, did not disguise it as “chastity clothing”, and did not blame itself for an act it did not commit. Today the Directorate imposes its messages on itself, and does not need “actions” to cover up its inability. It will not stop its motivation in the service of the nation and the tension that results from threats or “tweets” or hatred or jealousy of victory. It is not strengthened by its seriousness in organizational work.

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The Directorate General of Public Safety remembers that the time for bullying a close brother or distant friend has passed. It does not burn a manager or ex-employee regardless of his concern, and do not put him in his proper place. It will be true to the jurisdiction and the duties entrusted to it by law.

Master tweeted on his Twitter account:

“I was told that the journalist who was paid 10 10 million by Public Security and would not copy our page mentioning his name,”
In an interview with him today, after we were released from custody, we went to his famous place and we sued him and he kept his promise.
Regardless of whether this talk is fabricated and fundamentally false,
We advise him to silence his corrupt financier. ”

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