The Netflix star football coach compared himself to Hitler and pressured him to leave

The Netflix star football coach compared himself to Hitler and pressured him to leave

Jason Brown, the American college football coach who became famous through the Netflix series “Last Chance You”, resigned after comparing himself to Hitler, a German player who took a hold.

He is one of the most famous college football coaches in America. Not for his record, but for a Netflix series, “Last Chance You”, as chairman of the College of Social Freedom team (specializing in reviving youth) followed his work (and his big rands). Experienced additional game issues.

Following a major controversy, Jason Brown has resigned. Why? Because the coach compared himself to Hitler to a German player on his team. Which didn’t go right …

The Montgomery County Chronicle, A local newspaper, published an article last week about the confrontation between Brown and the young Alexandros Alexio. The latter was dropped from the team, especially because he felt he was being targeted by his coach, especially because of his nationality. He sent an SMS exchange to the newspaper in which Brown actually said “I am your new Hitler”. We can understand that “I will be a dictator for you” …

“I invite the Neanderthals to look at themselves in a mirror.”

The Independent University had to react as the matter was taken on a much larger scale on the other side of the Atlantic. Its chairman, Don Barwick, said the school “did not tolerate the language used by Coach Brown in his position” and that they were investigating the story.

Since Jason Brown decided to resign on Monday, he does not need permission. “I am very passionate about announcing my resignation,” he said on Twitter.

After listing all his accomplishments, the coach then returns to the case. “Considering what has been published recently, it is clear that it is almost impossible for me to stay here,” he believes. The Montgomery County Chronicle has severely hampered my ability to succeed in my work and has significantly delayed this. Football program. […] I invite other campuses and city losers to look at themselves in a mirror and self-assess before judging others too harshly. “

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