Robin Walter tells the true story of Werner “Van Braun” in the comics

Robin Walter tells the true story of Werner "Van Braun" in the comics
Werner in Robin Walter Comics

Thanks to the quality work of comic book writer and screenwriter Robin Walter, the true story of Werner von Fran is finally revealed. An epic from the war to the moon through Nazism.

On the previous album KZ Dora, Robin Wadler went back in the way of his grandfather Pierre Walter. The latter was deported to the Dora camp in opposition to Nazism and the SDO. On his return, Pierre chose to tell and write about his torture camp experience. As he grows up, his grandson visits the camp with him, understands through contact with historians and exiles the history of the camp, from which a central character emerges: Werner von Braun

Luigini by Bron

Von Braun is a great young boy, he is very interested in rockets, he grew up in a classic German family and has already done many scientific experiments since childhood. Its contribution to the history of aeronautics is enormous.
He quickly fell into the camp of Nazism, not by real attachment, but by opportunism and without any interruptions.
He helped one of those engineers, senior officers, doctors, Nazi scientists, endure it, become powerful, and sow millions of deaths.

Hitler did not agree

Van Braun quickly realizes that only war can fulfill his dreams of scientific greatness and rocket building. Becoming a Nazi officer, he believed that Hitler, who did not believe in it, could make his V2 rockets win the war. He joined the forces with the SS and used the torture camp personnel without any mentality. The end of the war prevents him from building his expensive V2 rockets that can change the course of the world.

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A gold deportation

Shamelessly, without question, he joined the United States as part of his family, researchers and many of his notebooks; Other Nazi researchers switch to the Soviet side. He participates in the American space program and works until his last breath in the mission to take the first humans to the moon. Shown by the American propaganda of the time as a martyr to Nazism, he escapes all inquiries and personal questions.
Comic piece to say the least
Like Art Spiegelman and his mausoleum, Robin Walter knows how to use his art, a great art, to say, say, and explain what he would not always be able to deliver. Cinemas and series are more expensive and do not allow for temporary setbacks provided by comics. Comics refer to the world in one or more pages of pencil. As it has become a great art for adults, comics now offer many possibilities for self-expression and an editorial wealth that other arts cannot achieve.

Robin Walter, Brown, Circuits in water, 184 p.? 22 euros. Released January 27, 2021.
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