Gary Baton’s guide to protecting and turning off Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan et Gary Payton en plein trashtalk

If there’s one player who refused to kneel in front of Michael Jordan, it was Gary Payton. Sonics Pit Bull has done everything to speak on his majestic wheels and has had undeniable success. He describes how to protect MJ in an attempt to turn him into a villain.

In the 1990s, Michael Jordan There was such talent, such light, such charm and such a grip on the league that many players, unknowingly, lowered their hands in front of him. Ron Harper recalled facing him before being his teammate for the second three beats:

Mike does not bully you during the game. Before you go to sleep, you thought about it the night before! You know my best interest is to sleep well because he will have fun. One evening we were going to meet him the next day and he invited us to his place to play cards. He tried to talk to me, but I didn’t say anything, I just looked straight ahead and said, “Hey how are you Mike?” When he asked me what was wrong, I told him: “Nothing, I will not say anything that will hurt you, otherwise you are going to kill me tomorrow”.

But if Jordan had affected most of the Specter League, Gary Payton Was the chairman of the reviewer. Never the last to face challenges, by talking as much rubbish as possible, G.P. Never afraid of His Majesty. Even better, he waited impatiently for the challenges ahead of him.

Of all the duels between the two, history has maintained the conflict, especially in the 1996 finals. Yes, the Bulls champions (4-2) and Michael Jordan picked up the MVP of the final. But in this series, the Bulls’ No. 23 sweated as before, compiling his worst all-time percentage in the finals (41.5%) and his 2nd highest earnings in the most beautiful stages (3 per game). Thanks WHO? Thanks Carrie.

The glove says about his technique:

He has no real weakness. What is needed is a guy to provoke him, not just a little. All I did was get him to work. Work on him only to get the ball. People were so gentle, they let him hold the ball and then he could kill you. The goal is to make him tired, wear him out, and he should protect you on the other side of the field because he took each other’s challenge so seriously.

In fact, Baton made it his job to make everything difficult for Jordan in 48 minutes, even the simple act of retrieving the ball early on. A lucrative strategy is better explained than ever during Game 4. Jordan finished with 23 points in 6/19, Baton with 21 points and 11 assists in 7/15. Treat yourself to an intensity and connection that is now a memory:

Michael Jordan may have laughed in front of Gary Baton in The Last Dance, G.P. In fact it was one of his toughest defensive challenges. His intensity on this side of the pitch is much lower than in the modern NBA.

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