Extension of some contracts: Red Sox not progressing

Extension of some contracts: Red Sox not progressing

There is no doubt that the Boston Red Sox had a pretty busy office. But it looks like it will end there right now.

The fact is that the Boss Rouges have not advanced in their discussions to extend some of their players’ contracts.

This is despite Boston general manager Syme Bloom confirming that there will be internal discussions about potential candidates, but he is going to talk to the players involved about the contract extension. This spring.

This is also the way Bloom has been with Tampa Bay Rays in the past. It remains to be seen if the same method can be used in Massachusetts. Contract negotiations are complex and need to work for both parties.

So, this is nothing to reassure the Sox supporters, they are still leaving the heart of Mookie Bets, not wanting to update the same scene with the other stars of the club.

The first names to appear were Matt Barnes, Sander Bogarts, Raphael Devers, Darwin Hernandez and Eduardo Rodriguez. We can also think of offfielder Alex Verdugo, but he is still in control until 2024.

A beautiful puzzle in Boston.

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