US invites Michanal: What you need to know about the remake of the French series - News Series Law TV

US invites Michanal: What you need to know about the remake of the French series – News Series Law TV

Available on myCANAL from March 19, “Calls” is an American remake of the original French series created by Timothy Hochet. Immersed behind the scenes.

A series airs on screen, but without film. It is an innovative concept of invitations, created in 2017 by Timothy Hochett, who is its director, screenwriter and editor. The idea is to tell small, often scary stories only with sound. Risk Benefit: Many individuals lend themselves to fitness, a program that lasts over three seasons and even offers an American adaptation.

This new edition, which consists of 9 episodes in twelve minutes, was produced by Uruguayan Fede Alvarez Do not breathe, From the remakeEvil is dead And the next producer Chainsaw Massacre. A great profile to rub shoulders with this sound experience rediscovered with another sound style. “The French series fascinated me, Excites the filmmaker during an interview with Allocine. I immediately saw the opportunity to have the idea immediately, but changed the rules a little and created new, more exciting stories. I think the public will be surprised.

The director agrees that this format allows him to immerse himself in many ideas in a short period of time, whereas a traditional project usually takes several years. Fete Alvarez, accustomed to the mechanism of film, had to adapt the language to another form. “It is almost reminiscent of radio entertainment, He insists. Remember World War II by Orson Welles. It motivates us to be in complete control of our art in order to convince the public who are listening to us, to avoid seeing us.

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A voice actor from hell

Pointing a camera at the actors’ faces no longer frees them from their acting and “Pushing the width of the description to its climax“The director says, to give voice to his scripts, he surrounded himself with a voice actor to die for: Point Pedro, Lily Collins, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Paul Walter Hauser, Joey King, Judy Greer, Nicholas Braun, Rosario Dawson, Nick Jonas, Riley Keef, Aubrey Plaza and Jennifer Dilli. “There were people I wanted to work with for a long time and I got this opportunity to learn about their talent.“, He explains.

For these American calls, FedEx Alvarez chooses to focus on the theme of faith and the many choices that have dire consequences. “The eternal debate between the destiny we will not escape and the destiny we are trying to find, He continues. It is ultimately a series about the sorrows of life, but also in some of the successes of our existence. “

Interview with Emmanuel Itier in Los Angeles, March 2021.

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