The new Bangkok artwork will appear in Nottingham

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October 18, 2020 12:35:26 PM

Banksy, Artwork, Nottingham, Indian Express NewsThe artist said in a recent Instagram post that the work is his own. (Source: Instagram / @ Banky)

‘Suspected’ as an artwork created by an anonymous street artist Panksi in Nottingham, England, confirmed by the artist in a social media post two days later.

“Amazing,” the artist wrote on Instagram, with a teenage hula-hooping with a bicycle wheel, missing the wheel next to a real bicycle. The graffiti is located on Ilkeston Road in Radford, just outside a beauty salon, which is believed to be a popular residential area for students.

One step BBC According to the report, after the confirmation of the bank, people began to gather at the place to take their photos with artwork, at one point 30 people, at one point, with some police officers.

The report noted that a bank expert by the name of Paul Koff, a professor at the University of Arts Bournemouth, initially suspected it was a “real deal”, but later said he was “very happy” that the work had been done by the artist.

“It simply came to our notice then. The last four or five [of Banksy’s works] Related to Govt or any of the news. It’s so weird and so much more in this moment. Someone is making fun of themselves. Maybe that’s the message: ‘We’re in tough times, we’ll try to take advantage of it and get some fun out of the broken one’. The ring is complete. Hopefully a positive and life-affirming. Even with a broken bicycle, she finds something to play with, ”he said BBC.

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Pangxi’s artwork is appreciated as superficial and socially relevant. In the past he has published political statements of his time through his works. However, the identity of the famous artist is unknown.

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