“They are waiting for us in a big way”, audio of a call for help from policemen lurking in Kottebek

Policías emboscados en Coatepec Harinas

13 items The Mexican state police and prosecutor’s office said Thursday afternoon that Lono Grante was killed in an ambush in the community in the municipality. Cotepec flour, By organized crime against a security firm fighting in the state, by a criminal cell aimed at retaliation.

As for the event, audio of the moment of the attack was broadcast on social networks; No audio Universal He approached and captured the moment of the shooting, you can hear how a policeman reported the incident and called for reinforcements while he and other security units were in ambush.

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Completed security elements Organized crime, They were patrolling in a state police vehicle and a white Chevrolet pick-up truck in which they exploded. It should be noted that eight of the officers belong to the public prosecutor’s office and five to the state police.

Next, the audio of the event moment:

“They are red, please, they are waiting for us in a big way Puerto del Carmen. I ask for your support, Carmen’s statement, they are shooting us. ”

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An element that goes to the place informs the event through another audio, in which it hears “Yes there are fallen comrades. So far they say eight to 10 comrades have fallen between ministerial and state affairs.

At the scene of the incident, FGJEM arrived and instructed the Secretary of Defense, Edomox, to collect the evidence and instructions for disposing of the bodies. Rodrigo Martinez Celis And Attorney General of the Judiciary, Alejandro Gomez Sanchez They condemned the attack on police elements and promised to follow those responsible.

As such, Edomox security forces, in addition to the National Intelligence Center, have been conducting joint patrols and operations with the National Guard, Sedena and Navy since yesterday to locate and arrest the invaders.

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