As Sino-US talks began, the United States failed to adhere to basic diplomatic etiquette.  Yang Jiechi: We thought well of you!  |  Blog post

As Sino-US talks began, the United States failed to adhere to basic diplomatic etiquette. Yang Jiechi: We thought well of you! | Blog post

Member of the Political Bureau of the CBC Central Committee, Yang Jiechi, Office Director of the Foreign Commission of the Central Committee, and the Chinese delegation led by State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a high-level meeting with the Secretary of State for Security Affairs Sullivan 2 + 2 Strategic Conversation in Anchorage, USA U.S. This is the first face-to-face meeting between top officials of the two countries since the inauguration of President Biden.

The Sino-US strategic dialogue began today.  AP Images

The Sino-US strategic dialogue began today. AP Images

After the first conversation, Chinese delegation officials gave a background presentation on the Sino-US high-level strategic dialogue. The Chinese side stated that it was sincerely invited to Angaur to hold a strategic dialogue with the United States and was ready to hold talks in accordance with the procedures and arrangements agreed upon in advance by both sides. However, the U.S. has seriously ended its first initial comments, accusing China of carrying out unjustified attacks on China’s domestic and foreign policy, and sparking controversy. This is not the way of hospitality, it is not in line with diplomatic etiquette. China has responded in full.

According to public affairs customs, for such a high-level conversation, in fact, in the initial comments made by both parties while the reporters are present, the advance staff of both parties are contacted in advance, and they are generally very polite. It is obvious that this time the US did not follow the earlier agreed views, but added its own material mixed with some criticism of China, including China blaming its actions on Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan, claiming that the United States and its allies are concerned about China’s cyber attacks. Threatens rule-based global stability.

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So, after Yang Jiechi, director of the Central Foreign Office, gave a speech in the United States, he was directly confronted when he said: “We think well of you, thinking that you will follow basic diplomatic etiquette” “Yang Jiechi said,” So we need to clarify our position now. I say that you do not deserve to be told in front of China to talk to China starting from your strength and status. Twenty years ago, 30 many years ago, you had no position to say this because the Chinese did not take this set. If you want to treat us well, we will treat each other with respect. Cooperation benefits both parties. ”

Faced with accusations of attacks that did not conform to US diplomatic etiquette, Yang Jiechi said the United States used its military and economic interests to pressure other countries, misused the notion of national security, threatened international trade and criticized the United States for provoking some countries to attack China. Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan are reiterated as inseparable parts of China, and China strongly opposes US interference in its internal affairs.

The first year of junior high school was spent in the United States and the Chinese in the fifteenth grade. They set fire to some painful points in the United States.

Yang Jiechi pointed out that the United States could do a better job on human rights issues. He referred to the killing of black Americans and the black movement that resulted from it. He believed that both sides should handle their own affairs well and drop the Cold War mentality. And conflict. U.S. If you want to solve the problem with China, you have to solve it in the right way, emphasizing that there is no way to control China.

U.S. guests can not be treated well, China responds alone.  AP Images

U.S. guests can not be treated well, China responds alone. AP Images

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China would never accept unnecessary accusations from the United States in the past, present and future. At the same time, we urge the United States to abandon its hegemonic act of interfering in China’s internal affairs. America needs to change this old problem!

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On March 17, Wang Yi pointed out that the United States had again increased the so-called sanctions against China over the Hong Kong issue. The move was announced by the United States before China’s departure for the United States to participate in high – level strategic dialogue between China and the United States. This is no ordinary hospitality. If the U.S. wants to use it to maximize its so-called advantage over China, it is completely miscalculated, and it exposes its internal weakness and powerlessness. This approach will not in the least affect China’s legitimate position and will not shake the Chinese people’s firm will to defend their sovereignty and dignity.

China and the United States will have 3 meetings in two days, originally scheduled for 3 hours per session. Both sides opened fire at the first meeting, and I hope there will be no smell of gunfire in the post-stay talks.

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