No, Microsoft is not going to release the VR headset for the Xbox

Virtual reality: Technology that has been dreamed of by players for decades. Nintendo was the first to launch Virtual guy In 1995. The helmet was a real business failure for the Japanese company. It took a while for new players to try an adventure like HTC. Unfortunately, virtual reality is difficult to access financially. With rare exceptions, the table is not yet mentioned as very thin. The most accessible headset is the PSVR, designed by Sony and designed for the PlayStation only.

As for its Xbox, a major competitor to Microsoft and Sony, nothing has been proposed. And a recent rumor Created a virtual reality headset in the boxes of Americans.

Credits Microsoft / YouTube “Xbox Series X – World Premiere – 4K Trailer”

But as explained On the edge, Microsoft completely denies the information.

Xbox did not make a virtual reality headset

Xbox Series X / Series S is brand new, Microsoft offers Xbox Game Pass with great success, acquires Bethesda பல Many demonstrations for US company Works through the release of a virtual reality headset. After a surprising message from Xbox Series X / Series S. Update For a virtual reality headset Available .

It didn’t take long for the image on the canvas to spread at high speed. After all, this is not the first time such a leak has happened due to a mistake. But according to Microsoft, The virtual reality headset is not in its boxes. The company explains that this news was caused by a localization issue. The latter indicates that virtual reality is not mandatory. ” For now .

Questionable answer. If this message is related to a localization error, Why is it beyond all that and evokes virtual reality? On the web, some players do not seem to believe the explanation put forward by Microsoft.

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No wonder the Xbox one day offers virtual reality. After all, The console VR portfolio is occupied by a single player named Sony. His PSVR has been an excellent entry point for many.

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