WWE Raw: Bobby Lashley became the company's second African-American world champion

WWE Raw: Bobby Lashley became the company’s second African-American world champion

Posted by Nicholas LaFerrier – Posted on 02/03/2021 AT 4:38 PM

A few hours ago Bobby Lashley He rocked the road to WrestleMania when he won the WWE Championship at the end of Monday Night Raw shows. A member of “The Heart Business” she defeated The Miss in a brief Lumberjack contest, earning the company’s highest title for the first time in her life. Lashley has reached several posts, which we will look at below.

Bobby Lashley is the third African American to win the WWE Championship

Repeated posts on WWE’s social media feature Bobby Lashley The company’s third champion, the best African American. Under the watchful eye of WWE, the other two superstars to receive this recognition were Kofi Kingston in 2019 and The Rock in 1998. If we calculate the now defunct World Heavyweight Championship, Lashley will be the fifth Dark Race World Champion, King Booker and Mark Henry.

Lashley is the second WWE, IMPACT and ECW champion

Whether he missed the Triple Crown or the Grand Slam, Bobby Lashley set some interesting records about accumulating titles. His name connects with lights like Kane, The Big Show, Vince McMahon, CM Punk and Rob Van Dam Champions ECW and WWE. It was recalled that he was one of the few contestants to receive the above titles with IMPACT (formerly DNA) and until then he had only RVD. Another piece of data related to events outside of WWE stands for “All Mighty” Affiliated with the company’s Fifth Grand Champion MMA.

The longest distance to world success since the WWE debut

But the most surprising record Bobby Lashley achieved on the night of March 1 relates to a decade and a half since his WWE debut on September 23, 2005. “All Mighty” is a very late superstar Fifteen and a half years between his first appearance in front of the cameras and the latest recognition for the WWE Championship he received the company’s most important recognition.

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