Moses Brown’s family cancels holiday in Finland

Lauri Markkanen

At breakfast, before going to work or in the back of your bed, find the top 10 places designed by the NBA in Trashtalk Sauce.

# 10 : Shay Kilgius-Alexander sends the same float on our cadet team.

# 9 : Kevin Porter Jr. is similar to Julius Erwing, but he’s sending Sterling Brown into orbit.

# 8 : Open Day for the Protection of Wolves: LeBron takes this opportunity and finds nowhere even interested in ballet dancing.

# 7 : Kenyon Martin Jr. is a major concern in global warming. Having said that, there might be a way for a plane or two to jump from such a height.

# 6 : Kevin Porter Jr. makes his regular appearance before Jayceen Tate decides to take the first flight to Gretel. A monster jam.

# 5 : Here, Thaddeus Young gives the news and releases a nice cracker after a drive to the shoulder. Spectacular, but not enough to make such a big deal as this Ricken voice over.

# 4 : Top 10 places Tomas Sodoranski? Yes, but because of his favorite field: a good alley-off pass to Zack Lavin, who immediately gets his right hand back.

# 3 : Kenyan Martin Jr. returns this time with very bad intentions: a big bag in the back row and a bad hawk in the photo.

# 2 : Cons, we ‘ve seen a lot, but it’s like… Jared Allen flies to deny access to a Kendrick nun with the same confidence as Patrick Sebastian in a TV set.

# 1 : We must act and remove Moses Brown from the NBA, the question of mental health. The center of the Thunder is found in the turnip every morning: Larry Morganen drives and finishes the pear inside. Health Marion!

Below this for pictures, you need to click. Us? We start to do the tour, so let’s quietly take a nice step forward before continuing. See you soon? See you soon.

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