Video of the installation of surveillance cameras inside women's carriages after the Metro harassment incident

Video of the installation of surveillance cameras inside women’s carriages after the Metro harassment incident

The Egyptian company for the management and operation of the Metro has coordinated with the Traffic and Communications Police to monitor all trains, both domestic and foreign, with surveillance cameras, to prevent any attempt at harassment, as was reported in the media at the Cuba station, as happened by the Metro persecutor. Tunnel abuse.

If cameras are put into circulation at all subway sites, the Metro administration has reviewed sites that are not being monitored by cameras.

The veto monitored the first moments when Metro management installed surveillance cameras inside cars on the Third Metro line, as part of the company’s efforts to protect women from being victimized by perpetrators, or exposing passengers to theft or abuse incidents. Implementing the new monitoring system recently imposed by the company.

Surveillance cameras inside metro trains

According to the official sources of the Traffic Police, in collaboration with the Metro Authority, the police are investigating the installation of covert surveillance cameras inside metro trains, the implementation of which will begin with the first line. ”

Evidence confirmed that cameras should be planted with the aim of detecting cases of harassment and theft inside trains, in response to the Metro persecutor’s incident.

Most modern Korean trains have internal cameras, but the first line does not have cameras on older trains, and cameras will be installed on them in the near future, he said.

Metro control system

The tunnel has a surveillance system that includes sidewalks, station gates, camera surveillance system for station ventilation openings and others, and a central monitoring room to follow the system’s results. .

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On the other hand, a section of the metro confirmed that the Metro incident that spread yesterday on the communication platforms yesterday would be coordinated between the police and the metro if requested by investigators and that subway cameras would be allowed to be monitored to determine the identity of the person accused of harassing the girl, the date of entry into and out of the station. Data to help determine the fact that the video has been rolled.

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