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This is a 2020-21 special gift, every morning you can enjoy the return of last night, the point for those who can not get up, those who are lazy to read reuses or simply want to get. That night in the NBA? A colorful New York derby, the breathtaking Kings again, the Lakers at the demonstration and the clippers coming out with a big team win at the Suns and Dallas.

  • Hornets – Kings: 122-116
  • Guides – Bucks: 122-133
  • Webs – Knicks: 117-112
  • Pistons – Spurs: 99-109
  • Mavericks – Clippers: 99-109
  • Nugget – Pacers: 121-106
  • Sons – Chryslice: 122-99
  • Warriors – Lakers: 97-128

– What to remember

  • The New York Derby kept all its promises with the utmost intensity, desire and dramatic results of the competition.
  • Emmanuel Quigley celebrated his first start for the Knicks, and Frank Ndilikina showed great aggression in defense.
  • Giannis released three straight shots in the third straight to beat the Antedo ounbo guides. # Freak.
  • San Antonio did not shudder at the low-hype game of the evening in Detroit.
  • Nicola Jogic once again confused a defense, this time with the pacers’ turn to pick up the pot.
  • The Clippers managed the cash time beautifully to get rid of the Maws. Kavi Leonard’s anger was openly heard.
  • Keep in mind that this time LA was behind Patrick Beverly or Serge Ibaga without a big team.
  • Jonas Valencianas pulled a big big game for the Memphis, but the Suns won by 23 points
  • Using the assassinations of his team, Gillian Dilli walked up the stairs for three minutes. This is his second game this season.
  • The Lakers are not in big trouble to defeat the Warriors.
  • The Kings still spoiled the outcome of the game against the Hornets. This is the second time in two weeks.
  • To make matters worse, Marvin Buckley went out injured and it was so bad.
  • Frenchman Nicola Bottom of the Night: 12 points, 7 rebounds at 4/6 from 7 yards out.
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– Some memories of the night:

– Best Choice in DTFL: Giannis Antedoconbo

– Top 10: Click here

– Classification:

Ranking SD 16 March 2021

Western Ranking March 16, 2021

– Next night’s meetings:

  • 0 30: Celtics – Jazz
  • 1st: Sixers – Knicks
  • 1st: Bulls – Thunder
  • 1st: Heat – Caves
  • 2nd: Rockets – Hawks
  • 3rd: Blazers – Pelicans
  • 3:30 pm: Lockers – Wolves

So much so that you can reconsider the night, the six-hour NBA and eight games are summarized on a piece of paper that you can read with your coffee and your croissants before you go to work, and you are lucky. With that, it’s time to get some sleep, isn’t it so see you soon!

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