Why does America not like Rudy Cobert?

Why does America not like Rudy Cobert?

As the years go by, Rudy Cobert continues to accumulate personal differences and despite establishing himself as one of the best centers in the league, the overall NBA (players, fans, spectators) struggle to show him the respect he deserves. Is. Why? To explore the roots and possible explanations for the discontent between Jazz Center and Uncle Sam Country, we explore this issue.

March 4 to 5 p.m., 2:30 p.m. in France. Of the 23 players selected for the All-Star Game Drop, only 3 remain: Domondas Saponis, Rudy Cobert and Donovan Mitchell. The two best architects of Jazz ‘best season, the league’s best record, have been indescribably snatched away by the captains. LeBron James Picks up the floor and declares: “I need size … so I’ll take Domontas Saponis”. Stupid.

Moments later, as Cobert was appointed to the Kings team by default, LeBron, Kevin Durant, Charles Barclay and everyone else on board were all laughing heartily. However, it’s not so much fun to watch the defensive player and NBA’s best team lead twice this year being ridiculed and denigrated, is it? But with him, it’s different. It will go. Minor character is tolerated. Very, in the end, some did not see that he deserved it.

Let’s start by touching on one important thing: In the community of Utah and the Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, Rudy Cobert is revered. For a photograph, for an autograph, it is always available to send a jersey to someone in distress: the Frenchman gives his person upstairs and downstairs. From that point of view, it is simple: he is flawless. Why do you feel so low in the United States? We tried to list the factors that could explain the situation.

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1. He is not American

This is nonsense, probably unfair, but it is very playful. Many non-American veterans in history may complain about the treatment, which is unfavorable, “easier” than they were born on American soil. Dirk Nowitsky, for example, finally had to win a title that was thick and thin to get the respect he deserved. Tony Parker has not always been considered the best point guard in the league. There are many examples, and Rudy Cobert is one of the most notable. If he were American would he have been the last to be elected to the draft? Could there have been valid discussions of its major extension? Everyone has their own opinion, but in the eyes of the players American style patriotism is a fact in the NBA.

2. Covit episode

Needless to say, everyone remembers Cobert, who was blamed by many for the NBA’s “patient zero” and the interruption of the season. Frenzy has admitted his mistake many times, admitted that Streak has changed him a lot, and he has been involved a lot ever since to fight the epidemic. In vain or almost: in the eyes of the general public and some players he was the one who made fun of bad tastes when the season was threatened. It puts a blow to the film.

3. He is seen as a cryptocurrency

In the United States, the basic Frenchman is considered cowardly, timid, but arrogant. Very ugly schedule, not necessarily, Cobert already pays In practice, Unable to do anything about it. But in reality, every criticism he makes of the arbitrator or his complaints about the lack of recognition feed American feelings about him. No one forgets, for example, reviews Tremond Green After the tears of the French following the fact that he was not selected for the All-Star Game 2019. The big man’s complaints get annoying, even his (rare) excitement. Should he be neutral? In short, a real headache.

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4. He (still) does not dominate against the stars

While some players have the royal road, they gain the respect of their peers directly without having to dominate competitions or win consecutive layoffs, while non-Americans have to fight harder. He was heavily criticized before coming to the NBA, and Luca Tansik left the MVP figures overnight and did so – it should be. According to Cobert, salvation can be done in the manner of Dirk Novitsky: removing the stars in the playoffs and winning a title will necessarily change the situation. Meanwhile, providing additional reference matches against Joel Empiat and Nicola Jogic will not affect the origins of Saint-Quentin.

This list is obviously not exhaustive, and we invite those who have other explanations for the disappointment experienced by Rudy Cobert to share with us on social networks. In any case we believe that the Frenchman does not lower his head and uses mockery and disrespect for one goal: to advance, to repeat, to touch the Larry O’Brien Cup one day.

Among his colleagues, audiences and American fans, Rudy Cobert did not enjoy a celebrity rating commensurate with his CV. This is obviously regrettable, but the Frenchman must not forget that you do not have to be loved to succeed. He should focus, one day we will silence the opponents with great victories.

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