Lasonde Industries | President Jean-Cato announces his resignation

Lasonde Industries |  President Jean-Cato announces his resignation

(Roosevelt) Quebec juice and beverage maker Industries Lasonde will lose its big boss after 34 years in management. Jean Katuzo has chosen to step down from his post on September 30, the company announced Monday morning, setting up in Rougemond. His successor is expected to be appointed on March 26.

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According to a statement released on Monday, Mr. Kattuso wants to “face other challenges for the good of Canadian society” and wants to spend more time with his family.

Jean Kattuso first a. Joined LaSonde Inc. as Marketing Officer. In 1987. Managing Vice President Marketing and Sales Management, holding the positions of Deputy Managing Director and Managing Director.

Industries officially took over Lassonde in 2012.

His business card testifies to the extent to which the Agri-Food Company has made progress, while he is currently the Chairman and CEO of LaSont Industries, the Chairman and CEO of subsidiaries A.J. In addition to being the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lasonde, Specialties Laszond and Vince Arista, US subsidiary Lasonde Papas

According to the press release, Lasondே was mainly based in Quebec and generated about 80 million sales in 1987. Mr. Under Kattusho, the company made a big leap to become a leader in Canada and the United States. . According to data provided by the company, LaSonde employs more than 2,700 people and operates 17 factories in Canada and the United States. Its annual sales as of September 2020 were close to 9 1.9 billion.

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Businesses Lassant declined our interview requests. On March 26, when the company’s financial results were announced, President and CEO Natalie Lassonde and Mr.

In a written statement, Mr.Me Lazonde and Pierre-Paul Lasonde, Chairman of the Board of Directors, “would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the dedication of Jean Kutuzo and his outstanding contribution to Lasonde’s development and deployment.”

For his part, Jean Kutuzo thanked the Lasonde family for his “support for entrepreneurial talent” and called his time with the company a “privilege.”

“I hope the knowledge gained in the private sector over the years and the contribution of my network will contribute to my future projects,” he added in a quote.

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