Uzbek & Rica – “Businesses have a role to play in keeping Republican promises”

Uzbek & Rica - "Businesses have a role to play in keeping Republican promises"

A Fordiori in the face of the growing influence of the American model I woke up Who come up with their own values ​​and their own thinking system. Voxism is fashionable, it is powerful, it provides answers to social questions. But it also has its limitations.

In order to support companies in this approach of anticipating shocks, you identify six key concepts of Vocabulary …

In fact, the central idea of ​​our survey is to attempt to analyze all six of these perceptions of vocabulary in light of the positive effects they have had on the company.

Let us take the question of the serious recognition of identities, which is called “status”: that is, a person’s definition allows him to be positioned on a privileged level not by his personality, his abilities or his actions, but by his many identities (racial, sexual or religious).

This obsession with identifying identity creates hierarchies, and these hierarchies inevitably create division and conflict: how does one form a collective from the moment one claims to be an issue of society to oneself, or does society rank its own issue more or less in the order of concessions? How do we proceed, including within an organization, to conduct policies in accordance with policy I?

Many U.S. companies, like universities, have responded by setting up “safe spaces” for this identification barrier, i.e. by denying access to any member of the ‘shelter’ majority group of places that allow a minority to “go into business”. Can Safe Safe Places eventually become a new employee as a natural human resource claim and identity recognition? Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

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Another example at the heart of Voxism is the abolition of culture. How do you do that when you are an activist attacked by activists about facts made in the distant past, especially during colonialism and slavery? Some companies are already using historians to investigate dark areas of their history. But what do we do with this heavy tradition? Should we make it public? Apologize? Establish compensation procedures for identified victims? It is the choice of each executive committee: our role is to further support them in their decision making in anticipation of this type of situation.

In the face of this phenomenon, you emphasize the need to build or integrate imaginative and alternative models, starting with the Republican model. According to you, how can this act as a firewall against the overwhelming opposition of Voxism?

Aerial Swap – Identity and social logic are evolving, a dynamic that is sometimes regarded as an advanced point of commitment in the fight against discrimination. However, they do carry risks of fragmentation and splitting.

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