Geo Urshela will play at the crossroads today

Geo Urshela will play at the crossroads today

The New York Yankees are going to try something different today: put Geo Urshela at the crossroads.

For two years, Urshela has been the team’s third paceman. He stole the post of Miguel Andujar in 2019 due to injury, and he did well, he simply had the mattress.

But today he will play shortstop.

Why break the formula if the third pad works well? Because Aaron Boone wants to see if Urshela can keep her own shortcut.

If necessary, Boone wants to move Urshela to that position when an alternative hitter comes into the game, which changes the movement of the club.

This is not uncommon. The Reds send their third paceman Eugenio Suarez to the crossbar (they have a hole) and move Mike Moustagas to second to third to give hopeful Jonathan India the lead.

But back to Urshela.

The Yankees player is comfortable in # 6, otherwise Aaron Boone would not have progressed with the idea. His last game was in 2018, when he wore the Zeus uniform.

The way I look at it, I believe Boone wants to give himself options at the end of the game. Having said that, a part of me really believes that Boone wants to know if Urshela can play a set or two shortcuts.

Like the first site DJ. Imagine moving Clipper Torres to a second base on days when Lemahiu could be sent elsewhere. Defensively, I think this would be a huge advantage for the Yankees, and the Bombardiers manager wants to be sure.

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So let’s follow this file from the corner of our eye.
  • Injured Yankees News.
  • Travis Shaw has moved to Milwaukee.
  • Randy Arosarena’s brother signed at Tampa Bay… but not in football.
  • Significant loss to Alouettes.
  • Big win for the lockers.

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