Trevor Boyer reprimanded MLP for violating the dress code

Trevor Boyer reprimanded MLP for violating the dress code

Twice a day, Trevor Boer spoke from the start of the camp. As he did in practice, he closed one eye and began to throw.

I understand where it came from and would love to see it happen The challenge In pre-season matches, but not everyone agrees.

But now the controversial jug hit the headlines again last night. The commissioner released a letter addressed to him from the office.

This letter is considered an official warning because he violated the MLP dress code. When he left, we saw his own logos on his uniform, which is forbidden.

Needless to say, the principal concerned was not satisfied.

There are two ways to look at it. There is a “Trevor Boyer” way of arguing that this gesture was used to advertise itself, which ultimately helps the MLB. On Twitter, Bower lamented that the MLP wants players to promote themselves, but refuses to do so.

MLP has a wealth of paying sponsors to get exclusive visibility in their jerseys. This means by showing your own Brand, Boer Affects MLB Business Relationship – So be warned.

I wonder how much the Dodgers love that kind of wave coming back from their pitcher. I know they were fully aware of what they were getting, but I can imagine the management being a little angry.

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Boyer, the league’s highest paid player in 2021, will not be a starter in his first game. Senior Clayton Kershaw will start his first regular season as World Series champion.

One thing is for sure: on the Los Angeles side, in this bay he makes things even more interesting. This, whether the team likes it or not.

As long as he delivers the goods, it will be fine.
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