Quand Gregg Popovich se trolle tout seul

Greg Popovich’s famous reaction to Spurs humiliation

Although l’absJoel Emboyte ence, Spurs bowed out strongly against the Sixers this Sunday (134-99) ஒரு An insult to the rules of art especially annoyed Greg Bopovich. After the meeting Bob created Pope with a conference Hurry Myth.

The authors of a great start to the season, Spurs quickly gained a taste of success after their first season without playoffs for a long time last year. Thanks to a Dimar Droson in All-Star mode and young people who progress every day, San Antonio finds a suitable place in the stages and develops some ambitions. Unfortunately they occasionally lose pedals completely.

Joel faced sixes who still lost the Emboide, Whose injury is known, Greg Popovich’s men saw 35 points! The result was disqualification for a playoff team and especially annoying the coach … he performed at a press conference and he only kept the answer secret.

We played badly.

Harder to answer than Greg Bopovich … In total, the NBA published the legend of the benches in 15 words, including to answer questions from journalists. He did not want to be at a press conference.

We can understand his frustration at the incompatibility of his players. Without Timaro Droson the Spurs seemed to have lost completely, and it was Drew Upungs who tried to save his own by 17 points, 9 rebounds and 2 blocks கடி It was harder to win in these conditions, especially against a team with more oil than sixes.

One thing is for sure, we will never do interviews when Bob is harassing him!

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Greg Popovich is more talkative when he is angry, he showed it again this Sunday with 17 short words to express his disgust! We know some people who spent an hour in the locker room in a bad quarter …

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