"Some people think I was given a hot potato"

“Some people think I was given a hot potato”

The newly appointed president of the Palais de la Borde-Tory, this expert in black American and French history is not an advocate. As a scientist and cultural man, Bob ND begs for “uniform globalism.” What can alleviate the tensions surrounding the creation of the National Immigration Museum?

These days, Bob ND opens his bags. The historian, returning from vacation, traveled to the Paris de la Borde-Dori on March 1 – including the Tropical Fisheries and National Museum of Immigration History – to take charge. Direction also struggles to hide his satisfaction. Even if his isolated personality prevents him from expressing it too much. ” My favorite thing about getting a new job is that I have to absorb a lot of things in a very short period of time. “ This good student side is always dragged down. His entire childhood in Hots-de-Sean revolved around his studies, until his prep class at Lucknow High School.

Raising his son and daughter Mary (a Concord Prize winner in 2009) alone, their father pushes him there since his father returned to his native Senegal. At the age of 25, with a master’s degree and history packed in his pocket, young“The product of Republican merit»- because he wants to describe himself – takes a year off before imagining preparing for ENA. He took a scholarship to study at the University of Virginia in the United States. Interested in scientific history he decided to stay there and began a dissertation at an American petrochemical company.

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