Scientists want to send 6.7 million sperm samples to the moon

Scientists want to send 6.7 million sperm samples to the moon
  • Scientists want to create a “coffin” on the moon filled with 6.7 million sperm samples.
  • The “moon ship” may be the universal insurance policy for mankind against natural and other disasters.
  • The idea is similar to Svalbard’s Doomsday Seed Cellar in Norway, which stores more than a million seed samples from around the world.
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Scientists have suggested that people could buy a “modern world insurance policy” by creating a “coffin” on the moon filled with 6.7 million sperm samples.

Astronomy releases 6.7 million species of sperm and ova samples per month for multiple loads. The specimens are then stored in a vault below the lunar surface in the lunar abyss, where they are stored in a safe place.

Man New York Post reportIt would be ideologically identical “Doomsday” seed box In Svalbard, Norway, it currently maintains more than one million harvest samples from every country in the world.

A team of six researchers from the University of Arizona They put forward their opinion At the IEEE space conference, they said their proposal would save humanity from destruction.

Researchers say a lunar spacecraft could help rescue Earth in the event of a catastrophic disaster, a massive volcanic eruption, a large-scale nuclear war, a widespread drought or an asteroid disaster.

“Earth is inherently a turbulent environment,” said study author Jagan Goldwell in his presentation in his book, The Moon Pit and Lava Tubes for the Modern Arch, where samples from Earth’s repository are still being destroyed. A great disaster.

While this may seem like a simple science fiction suggestion, the scientists behind this proposal estimate that sending about 6.7 million types of cryogenic samples of sperm, eggs, germs and seeds to lunar relative protection is a good thing. Make this a viable process.

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Man IFL Scientific ReportAsylum seeker said in his presentation that the object can “fill samples” in 250 planes per moon. By comparison, the International Space Station needed 40 aircraft.

To prevent the samples from freezing or soldering at low temperatures below the lunar surface, scientists also recommend that the material be powered by solar panels.

IFL Science spoke with Alvaro Diaz Flores Caminero, a doctoral student at the University of Arizona who is leading the thermal analysis of the project, saying that such projects are “approaching humanity to become alien civilization, not far off in the future.” . There will be bases for mankind on the Moon and Mars. “

“Intermediate projects are complex because of complexity, but I think the same complexity makes them beautiful,” Caminero said.

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