Perseverance will touch Tuesday tonight | NASA’s Perseverance Rover | Tuesday 2020

Perseverance rover

New York is holding its breath. NASA’s diligent spacecraft will land on the surface of Mars at 2.30pm today. The diligence of the rover and helicopter, which wants to fly for the first time in the sky of Mars, has attracted a lot of attention for these reasons. Perseverance took off from Earth on July 30 last year on the Atlas 5 rocket. Then it landed on Mars 6 months later.

Life in Jesiro

Perseverance descends into the Jesiro abyss in the northern region of Mars. The purpose is to explore whether there was life on the planet in prehistoric times. Since there were rivers and lakes in Jesiro 350 million years ago, there is a good chance that there is evidence of life here. There are 7 tools in the diligence to do the tests. 23 cameras and 2 microphones.

7 minute terror

The phase of touching the surface from entering the Martian atmosphere is difficult and critical. The villain is the low-density atmosphere. The diligence of sinking to the surface at a speed of 19,800 kilometers per hour is then controlled with the help of parachutes and other systems. Diligent cameras and microphones capture the scenes and sounds of this stage. These can be found live on NASA’s official YouTube channel.


Ingenious helicopter will try to fly in the atmosphere of Mars. The mission will release it at a favorable time. It will be the first man-made object to fly in the sky on Mars.

Rovers on Mars

Sojourn was the first rover to reach Mars in 1997. Then came the spirit, opportunity and curiosity.

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Indian strength behind

Sophisticated technology called ‘Attitude Control System Terrain Relative Navigation’ will help us land diligently on Mars. The team that created this is Dr. Swathi Mohan is of Indian descent. Swathi from Karnataka came to America when she was 1 year old. He is currently the head of guidance and control activities in the diligence program.

English Summary: NASA’s Perseverance Rover Ready for Hard Landing on Mars

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