Anthony Risso wants to end his life with Cubs

Anthony Risso wants to end his life with Cubs

Anthony Risso, one of the greatest in Cubs history. The figures for the Future Hall of Fame player may not be with him (but they are not ridiculous), but Risso often left his mark as one of the leaders in winning the Cups World Series in 2016, for the first time in 108 years.

This is more important than any statistic.

In short, being one of Cubs’ most beloved faces of the current edition, it is clear that the player is interested in staying in Chicago.

The Chancellor concerned today admitted it bluntly.

He is not the first face of this fetus to emphasize such ideas. Both Javier Base and Chris Bryant have been loud and clear that they are interested in staying in Chicago for the past few weeks.

Will all three stay? I doubt it.

In fact, if you like my opinion, I hope Rizo will be firm and that Bryant will probably be out, and that the pace will be in Chicago, both ways possible.

This, though I hope for Cubs fans, means Bryant doesn’t have to pack his bags. Despite all the rumors surrounding him, he seems to like the system very much. We hope that the talks between the two parties will be stalled.

However, going back to Rizo, he hopes to reach an agreement with Cubs general manager Jet Hoyer. However, he put the opening day as the deadline for negotiations for a contract extension, but he wholeheartedly wants to stay with the team that gave him the best credits.

For 25 years he wanted the ritual to be thrown when the cubs were in the world series.

You know what I mean.

Will Rizo be with the cubs in 2022? This is a document to watch, but if I had the old $ 2 to put on the table I would say he is mostly a candidate to stay with the puppies, in front of Pace and Bryant.

10e Some

  • Keep in mind that they wanted to buy the Mets together.
  • Yes, Francisco Lindor fell asleep during a rain delay in Game 7 of the World Series against Cubs.

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