“I thought this room was my house. I’m ashamed!”

Les Knicks intéressés par un trade pour un très gros nom de l'Est NBA

This saison, the Knicks created a surprise in the East (7th) and used a little hype that had been unknown for years. On the other hand, thee Madison Square Garden pleaded guilty to a ball… It’s really a rabid legend!

The New York franchise has come to light again this season. Tom Thibauto’s 7th place for men, following the laughter of a section of the league, proves that the system is going uphill. Even Julius Randall’s recent summons to the All-Star game gave him this beautiful dynamic reward.

On the other hand, apart from the barquet sites, the structure of Madison Square Garden is still capable of beautiful balls! Recently, while wandering around the arena for the Big East tournament with Georgetown, security guards clashed with owner Icon Patrick Ewing. Manic in rage, the latter stepped out in front of the cameras.

I want to say one thing: I thought this room was my house, it’s a shame to park at the entrance to the garden, to ask to pass, to explain who I am. Everyone in this room wants to know who I am, I was arrested and asked who I am ?? What are we in Madison Square Garden or not? I’m going to tell James Dolan “P **** n I thought my jersey was off !!”

An Improcleo, which has also unleashed social networks, has shocked many fans with the lack of this great respect:

Damn, who doesn’t know Patrick Ewing …

After all, Patrick Ewing simply played games, minutes, points, number of baskets, free throws, restarts, theft and blocks …

Patrick Ewing He was very violently insulted by the garden staff when he entered the room. A real insult to anyone who scores too much time on this glorious ground.

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