Laker has already started a campaign for Anthony Davis

Vogel fixe un objectif chiffré à Anthony Davis cette saison ! NBA

Anthony Davis, ranked 6th in the MVP ranks and finalist for last season’s Defender’s title, can hope to make a personal difference this year. He can already count on the strong support of one of his teammates in a division.

For some, he is the most deserving Lakers player in the quest for the MVP Cup last season. He is a favorite of many spectators in the race for DPOY. Despite this, Anthony Davis With the exception of the already highly prized Larry O’Brien trophy, his beautiful first season in LA has not been rewarded.

But as he began his second year in the City of Angels, many fans hoped he would compete enthusiastically for a personal prize. Despite the limited number of games so far, one of his teammates is already the most favorite for a particular award, none other than Jared Dudley.

To all members of the media who voted to choose Defender of the Year: Please check out the Lakers game against the Houston Rockets tonight (Tuesday)! Look at how Anthony Davis affects the game on the court like any other player. He switched to Horton, and he changed the face of the scenes!

In a crowd largely dominated by the Angelinos, AD. It is true that he stood alone, especially in the field of defense. With 8 shots – 7 wins and 19 points – Unipro added 5 blocks to its starting lineup. His reaction to a volume of hiss clearly shows his sense of dominance in fraud.

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However, with 1.9 and 1.2 interceptions against a game this season, he has historically lowered averages by his standards, as many more can be seen … Dudley is well aware of this, so he wisely advises future voters not to limit themselves to his partner’s figures.

Tasks assigned to Anthony Davis Unlike other players in this league… Some teams have defensive forms. Here, he is on the defensive plan! Statistics don’t always show it. It’s like the NFL Cornerback, which blocks passes, but doesn’t do a lot of interference! Don’t just look at the number of blocks and interruptions, please watch the games

The Lakers campaign for Anthony Davis to be selected for the DPOO is already underway, with 60 more games to go for the purple and gold rights. Continuing is up to Unipro.

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