Harbhajan became the first Indian to defeat Shane Warne in the history of cricket

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Cricket is considered one of the most popular sports in the world. The reason for this is special. Although a field game, cricket can be respected by everyone on and off the field. So, whether cricket is coming or not, the number of people who want to watch cricket is still innumerable in the world.

Cricket continues to thrive with many emotions such as curiosity, excitement, joy, sadness, anger, respect. Also, everyone wants to keep many events in cricket on the shelf of memories. There are always some records, achievements, big and small things happening on the cricket field. These events turn into memories.

Every day we bring such memories from cricket to the spectators ‘by looking at history’. In the language of the day, we are going to tell the audience about the achievements that have taken place today in the history of cricket.

Every Indian will be proud of the record that we are reminded of ‘Maha Sports’ audiences today. And Harbhajan Singh is the darling of millions of cricketers.

On this very day, Harbhajan danced kangaroos on his spin. That match, that moment still fresh in the memory of every cricket fan. Let’s look at Harbhajan Singh’s ‘Bhimparakrama’.

India v Australia Test match, 2001

The Test match between India and Australia started in 2001 in Kolkata. This competition is historically significant in many ways. However, on this day, March 11, Harbhajan Singh set a record in that match, making Bajji the first player in history to take a hat-trick from India in Test cricket.

The competition was very colorful

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VVS The 2001 Test was the most popular for the follow-up partnership between Laxman and Rahul Dravid. But Harbhajan took a hat-trick in the first innings of the same Test. He hit Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist and Shane Warne in the second, third and fourth balls of the 72nd over of the first innings. He caught up with Ponting and Gilchrist. So Shane Warne was caught. Warne’s catch was taken by Sadagopan Ramesh.

Australia were 445 in the first innings. India were bowled out for 171 in the first innings. At the time, Laxman’s 281 and Dravid’s 180 helped India declare the second innings at 657 and challenge Australia for 384.

Australia were all out for 212, chasing the target. India won by 171 runs. Harbhajan, who took a total of 13 wickets in the match, was instrumental in India’s victory.

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