Another rain zone is coming, but it will be a good time on Saturday

Another rain zone is coming, but it will be a good time on Saturday

The rain zone reaches the country at night, but on Saturday, usually sunny, cumulus weather is expected. However, on Sunday, rain and sleet are expected in many places, and the National Weather Service (OMSZ) forecast more rain in the southwestern districts.

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The sky will be overcast and cloudy in the southwest, with hours of sunshine expected elsewhere. On Thursday afternoon, another wave of rain is coming, with the sky covering the rising area from the southwest. At night, it rains more and more in the central and then southeastern part of the country. Significant amounts of rain are also expected in the southern part of Transstantia. In the second half of the night, the clouds fall rapidly from the northwest, early in the morning there can only be more clouds in Trans-Tissa, and more rain and sleet can form here until the morning. On Saturday, sunny, cumulus weather is generally expected, with veil clouds rising from the west later in the afternoon. Significant rainfall will no longer occur. Northwesterly and westerly winds will be strong in the northern part of the country and there may be storms in some areas. From the afternoon, the wind movement will gradually lose its strength, and then on Saturday the south-facing winds will strengthen again in Transtanupia and in the north central highlands. Temperatures usually range from 0 to 5 degrees, but there may be weak frosts in the northern valleys. High temperatures of 11 to 16 degrees are expected on Saturday.

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Sunday will be mostly cloudy and cloudy. It is expected to rain in many places and more in the southwestern districts. The returning winds intensify in the southwest and then in the northwest, especially in transantopia. The lowest night temperature will be 0, +6, the maximum temperature will be 7 to 13 degrees, the lowest values ​​can still be measured in the western and southwestern regions – Write meteorologists.

On Monday, it will break thinner in many more places from the west, and then in the afternoon and evening, especially in western transthropia, the clouds will sometimes rise sharply. More or less sunlight will be in most parts of the country. There may be less rain and thunderstorms in some places (more likely in the Trans-Tissa region in the morning, with a higher probability of western Transatanupia in the afternoon). Northwest, the north wind is alive, with strong winds blowing in some places. The lowest night temperature is -3, +4 and the highest daytime temperature is 8 to 12 degrees.

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