Isro’s Mangalyan, who has been showing up for so long, has revealed the secret


New Delhi A long white cloud was seen on Mars. These clouds are often found in the sky of Mars, which scientists have been observing for years. But now the secret behind it has been revealed. Mangalyan of India has also helped to expose this mystery. This long, white snow-like cloud forms near the highest volcanic mountain in the solar system.

The largest volcano in the solar system

Find out the mystery of this cloud, what is it? Why does Mars form? What is the reason for this? Mars is the largest volcano in the solar system. Its name is Olympus Mons. The volcano is also said to be the tallest mountain in the solar system. It is located in the southern part of Mars. Every year a long white tail of a white cloud is seen from above Mars. This white cloud that forms over Olympus Mons grows and worsens 80 times every day.

The tail was last seen at 1800 km. Whereas, its width is 150 km. This cloud is called the Arcia Mons elliptical cloud. Arcia Mons Long Cloud was photographed by the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Mars Express RPG.


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Create photos and videos

The Visual Surveillance Camera (VMC) in MEO created its images and videos. This camera is also known as Mars webcam. Scientists from the European Space Agency and NASA examined the cloud and discovered that it formed before sunrise. It was observed on the surface of Mars for about two and a half hours.

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It was traveling at a speed of 600 km per hour from its tip to its tail. It then separates from its point of view and disappears until sunlight begins to fall.Arcia Mons The enduring cloud on Mars is also known as the Orographic Cloud. That is, it flows southward at the surface. Even on Earth, such clouds form many times, but their length and breadth are not so great.

Dynamic like a white cloud

This white cloud on Mars will change into the Arcia Mons elliptical cloud, this time near the Arcia Mons volcano. The cloud was flying 45 kilometers from the base of the Arcia Mons volcano. Meanwhile, the Arcia Mons volcano is 20 kilometers high.

From 1976 to the present, 5 orbits around Mars from other countries, including the United States and Europe, have seen such clouds more than 100 times. But the Mars Express Orbiter – MEO helped unravel its mystery. Dmitry Ditov, MEO’s project scientist, said VMC’s mission was to find the missing Beagle – 2 lander (Beagle – 2 lander) on Mars. But it revealed a new thing.


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Discovery of life in the atmosphere and on the surface

Scientists are now using this cloud to search for life in the atmosphere and surface of Mars. Archaea Mons are trying to find out if this cloud has risen because of the eruption. However, so far no evidence is available. Scientists are also trying to figure out how old these clouds are. Arcia Mons The longest cloud ended in two and a half hours. Will the other clouds last so long?

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Five satellites have been used to study this cloud, including the Mars Orbiter Mission of India. The remaining four missions are NASA’s Maven, MRO, Viking-2 and Mars Express Orbiter. Photos taken from Mangalyan also include photos of the cloud and its location.

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