How to see Dragonite meteor shower in Australia

How to see Dragonite meteor shower in Australia

People living north of Brisbane will be able to see the Dragonite meteor shower on Thursday night.

The best time to see it is just after sunset and there may be 10 shooting stars per hour.

Those who live in remote areas will definitely have better vision. The low light around you gives the best experience.

Experts say it takes 30 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the night sky, so be patient.

What is a Draconite Meteor Shower?

The dragonite meteor shower is formed by debris from the 21P / Geogopini-Zinner comet. The shower gets its name from the meteor coming from the direction of Draco the Dragon galaxy.

Every year on October 8, the Earth moves closer to the comet’s orbit. Although it is usually a very faint meteor shower, experts say it could be very active this year. American Meteorological Association.

VLADIVOSTOK, RUSSIA October 10, 2018: Night sky over Rusky Island during the Draconite meteor shower. Yuri Smith / DOS (DOS via Yuri Smith Photo Getty Images) debt: Yuri Smith/Yuri Smith / Toss
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