Varitron goes into American hands

Varitron goes into American hands

An Atlanta-based company employs Quebec-based electronics manufacturing service provider (EMS) Varitron, which has facilities in Saint-Hubert, Gronby, Mirabelle and Broment.

“We are delighted to partner with Veritron to expand our integrated design, manufacturing and distribution services in Canada,” Scott Ellison, co-founder and CEO of East West, said in a statement.

“Expanding our business in Canada is another important step in our expansion strategy and enables us to provide a variety of solutions to our growing international customer base,” said East West Board Member Bob Nordelli.

30 year old company

Founded in 1991, Varitron is an integrated electronics manufacturer of small and medium series products.

Veritron has been well established in many key sectors for over 30 years, including prototyping, supply chain management, systems integration and testing services for networking, transportation, automation, telecommunications, healthcare, industrial equipment and security industries.

For its part, East West is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It is found in North America and Europe.

It has international operations in Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Massachusetts and Costa Rica, Vietnam, China and India.

A few years ago, Hydro-Quebec was criticized after boycotting the only Quebec auctioneer, Varitron, for its smart meters for the benefit of overseas Landis + Gair and Elster.

More details will follow.

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