Trent Brown fires on patriots |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Trent Brown fires on patriots | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Two years after joining the Raiders, Trent Brown returned to New England, the team he left behind during the 2019 free agency. According to NFL Media ‘s Ian Roboport, both teams have agreed to complete the player’s transfer. Sports Illustrated states that it has been decided that Las Vegas will receive the 5th round selection of the draft. The Patriots won the Brown and 7th round picks.

The departure is not surprising, as several reports indicate that Nevada owner Brown wants to trade to get rid of the big paycheck.

Finally it will return to the sender. This barrier has already been developed for the Patriots in the 2018 season. With the Massachusetts franchise, he won the Super Bowl LIII especially against the Rams.

The 27-year-old has made just 16 appearances in two seasons since signing for the Raiders. Very low for John Croton and Mike Mayok. According to NFL Media, the player has agreed to reconsider his contract. The deal will only cover one season at $ 11 million instead of two.

On the ESPN page, it is reported that the Patriots should not place the owner tag on Joe Dune. So Brown’s return could turn Isaiah Vinnai into a security position.

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