[Fiches Draft] Trevan Mohrik (S), Control Tower | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

[Fiches Draft] Trevan Mohrik (S), Control Tower |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Trevan Mohrik – Defense – 21 Reply – Junior – DCU

Cut: 1 m 88

Weight: 91 kg

Draft rated status: 1st round – 2nd round

Statistics 2020: 47 blocks including 2, 2 interceptions, 9 protected passes for losses.

NFL Comparison: Harrison Smith

Points forts

– Air defense
– Qi football
– Leadership
– Special team

If you need a note on the free security level for this vintage, you should check out the Treven Mohrik page. Sin on the air card, his quality of analyzing actions and his hands constantly allow the opposing quarterback to be punished if errors occur. The cover is as comfortable for man and man as the zone, and his playing intelligence allows him to adapt to many game systems.

He is not only a talented player, but also a defensive leader. A true defensive brain, he communicates brilliantly, adjusts, and reads the opponent’s attack. So this is more than just a defender, but a team captain for the coming seasons.

Finally, it is far from a rudeness, Mohrik has the perfect profile to play on a special team. His vision, his agility and speed make him a formidable player to destroy opposing revenue.

Weak points

– Blocks
– Box game

Like many (very) young defenders, Mohrik must work to the best of his ability. He has the unfortunate tendency to play shoulder to shoulder, which can lead to him coping easily. This is a shortcoming, and coaches need to succeed in expressing the enthusiasm of the DCU player.

Another “flaw” is that Mohrik seems to be limited to a level of free defense, he is not a player who comes to rub shoulders in the opposing attack line. He is not a talented bass rusher, and his talent is expressed very close to the screammage line.

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Goals are possible

Minnesota Vikings, Washington Football Team, New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens, Jacksonville Jaguars, Philadelphia Eagles

The level of defense is often not considered essential, but a talent like Trevan Mohrik could end up in the first round. Teams without a high defense are plentiful, and this would be a significant help to the No. 2 cornerback.

Jaguars or Cowboys are among the favorites because the lack of position is obvious. In a zone defense like the 49ers, his talent can also be fully revealed.

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