The FBI is releasing new images of bombers near Congress

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USA: The FBI releases new pictures of the bomber near Congress

U.S. Federal Police released new footage of a man suspected of carrying out home bombings in Washington on Tuesday, March 9, the day before the January 5 attack on Congress, in hopes of gathering information to identify it. The video publicly displayed images of the suspect captured by surveillance cameras on several streets of the US capital. Wearing black pants and a track suit top, his face is covered with a hood, mask and glasses. He wears gloves and holds a bag in one hand.

The FBI previously released photos of the suspect, with designer sneakers on his feet, and offered him a $ 100,000 reward for any information that could lead to his arrest. The man is suspected of planting bombs in the house, near the Capitol, near the headquarters of the Republicans and Democrats. The bombs never exploded, and may have been aimed only at removing the police from the Capitol shortly before the attack. Steven de Undovono, deputy director of the FBI’s Washington office, said: “We continue to think that someone, somewhere, has an importance they have never felt before. These home-made bombs are” functional devices that can explode, cause serious injury or death. “

Thousands of Donald Trump supporters stormed the Congress seat on January 6, with elected officials confirming the victory of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, in the presidential election. Five people were killed in the attack, the spontaneity of which is increasingly being questioned, and more than 300 people have been arrested in connection with the attack.

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