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United Pan-African Anti-Corruption Network United has responded to a complaint by Eagle against one of its leaders, Jean-Jacques Lumumba, alleging damages.

Eagle accused Jean-Jacques Lumumba of making false and unsubstantiated comments about its activities and the origin of some of its funds.

Eagle filed a damages complaint against Jean-Jacques Lumumba before Combe’s Arbitrator de Grande Instance.

The comments condemned by Jean-Jacques Lumumba were about public money coming from the Central Bank of the Congo (PCC), which would benefit Eagle.

Lying company responds. “Eagle Charles is a legally established private company whose constitution and operating documents do not present any abuses, and its opponents arbitrarily blame them. Contrary to some bad language, the Congolese central bank never pays Eagle’s accounts. ”, Also explains an update from the specified company: “When it was created, Eagle SARL sought approval of its investments from the Ministries of Planning and Finance on May 12, 2014 and was granted a five-year term for the benefit of a single public administration of the Investment Index. This, according to Eagle Charles, is not illegal.”

Jean-Jacques Lumumba responded by promising to take legal action to bring the documents in his possession to justice. Contacted by La Libre Africa, Mr. Lumumba confirms that he wants to go with his approach and that he has the elements and documents to prove his statements. “I was informed of Eclel’s complaint for damaging the allegations that my words were somewhat exploited, but I will not be intimidated or underestimated because there is evidence of financial fraud and the appearance of capital from the PCC supply, I hope the justice record will be set straight I am ready to go all the way with confidence.This is very important because it is the entire Congolese people who are affected by the facts we condemn.This is why I enjoy the full support of the United Nations, the African Anti-Corruption Network I lead and other affiliated organizations in the Congo.

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